How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 8?

  • A robust application that easily undeletes files deleted on Windows 8 PC's
  • All file types of pictures, audio, video and documents are supported for restoration
  • It can also be utilized to retrieve files from the external storage drives
  • Helps in regaining files upon accidental format, corruption, error and inaccessibility
  • All other Windows OS editions are also supported

Often losing the files from your Windows system is quite painful, suppose the deleted or lost file is too vital then you will face the real problem to get it back. When it comes to Windows 8, while deleting it won’t ask for the delete confirmation, if you choose any file accidentally to delete, then it will be deleted directly. So losing the files from Windows 8 or it might be from Windows Vista, Windows XP is quite common, so in order to recover the deleted files, software experts have designed proficient Windows 8 recovery application. This application is highly recommended and reviewed by all users. This software is specially designed to revive deleted files and folders from Windows 8. In addition to Windows 8, you can also use this software on all popular Windows operating system in which below listed common data loss situations occur.

Common situations to lose your files:

  • Incomplete cut and paste options: Suppose, you choose some vital files to move from one place to another place, and you may attempt cut and paste options. Suppose after using the cut option, if you are interrupted to paste it on another place, then those files might be lost.  
  • Accidental deletion of files: It’s common to all computer users that while deleting any not needed files, you may choose the required files accidentally. In some cases, after deletion of files if you wouldn’t find it in Recycle Bin folder, then you have to take help if this eminent Windows 8 recovery tool to restore them.
  • Third-party applications: Some installed application like the antivirus tool might be the factor behind data loss. While scanning for the virus, this antivirus tool can detect the infected files and deleted them, but the virus is removed along with the valuable files.
  • Restore Windows: Restoring the Windows to earlier restore point could also delete the newly created files from your system.

You can install this Windows 8 recovery application to get back all deleted files; it has special algorithms and the drive scan technology to restore every bit of data on Windows 8 and other Windows OS. This software is capable to retrieve more than 300 types of different files without damaging any other files. It performs only the read actions of files and after completion of the recovery of files it pre-arranges them based on name size and date. For more details on file recovery, you can visit this link -

By making use of this eminent application you can get back the files which are mislaid from any of the reasons. You can use this software to recover when the files are missed out or bypassed Recycle Bin folder or the files deleted using the Shift + Delete keys combination on Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can instantly use this application to retrieve files which are deleted from the external data storage devices like USB drive, CF card, SD card as well. For more info log on

Note: This software has been natively designed and developed by the expert professionals to readily rescue data lost due to accidental formatting, file system corruption, etc after reinstalling Windows 7 with great ease.

Steps to Recover Windows 8 Files:

Step 1: After installing this tool, select the "Recover Files" option and then choose "Recover Deleted Files" option from the main screen.

How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 8 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now select the logical storage drive for the tool to scan.

How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 8 - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3: After completion of the scan process, files will be recovered and you can also Preview them.

How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 8 - Preview Recovered Windows 8 Files

Figure 3: Preview the Recovered Windows 8 Files


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