Best way to recover data from a bad hard disk

  • The tremendous tool that is widely used to restore files from a bad hard disk
  • Works with internal hard disks as well as many other external storage drives
  • Instantly scans and retrieves files in a hassle-free way
  • Lets the users preview the files that are restored

The hard disk is a storage device, which stores a large amount of data and relatively provides quick access to information. Today’s computer comes with a hard disk capacity of billion gigabytes for data storage. So the user can store all the important documents in the hard disk instead of storing in several external devices like flash drives, memory cards. The disadvantage of the hard disk is that there is a possibility of the hard disk getting damaged. If it does get damaged, then the files in hard drive become inaccessible, which leads to a disaster. If a damaged hard disk contains unwanted files, then it’s fine. What if it contains important files and you don’t have a backup of that? In this situation, you will believe that the damaged hard disk is of no use and files cannot be recovered. But you are wrong, you can recover data from a bad hard disk using recovery software.

Among many recovery software, the top and the finest software to recover data from a bad hard disk is the Bad Hard Disk Data Recovery. It can restore data from various Windows supported file systems like FAT, exFAT and NTFS. Visit here to know more about recovery from the NTFS partitions.

Scenarios of damaged hard disk

  • Due to the Bad sectors: One of the main reasons for a bad hard drive is bad sectors. If hard drives are too old and have not operated for a long time, then there is a chance of the bad sectors formation. The files which are stored in bad sectors cannot be accessed.
  • Exposure to overheat: Excessive generation of heat in the system also leads a hard drive to get damage and this happens if there is an improper ventilation setting.
  • File system corruption: File system handles all the information about files. Improper shutdown of the system, wrong start-up procedures, failure of hardware leads to file system corruption targeting to the damage of the hard drive. So before the shutdown of the system, check all the files are closed and off the system in a proper manner.
  • Other reasons: Read/Write head crash, aging of the hard drive, inefficient power also leads to the damage of the hard drive. Improper re-partitioning of hard drive also leads to the corruption of the hard disk. To know more information about repartitioning and how to recover data loss from it, click on this link

For this entire problems, make use of the Bad Hard Disk Data Recovery tool to restore data from a bad hard disk.

Salient features of the Bad Hard Disk Data Recovery

Bad Hard Disk Data recovery is efficient and the finest tools to recover data from a bad hard disk. This tool does not care about the scenarios for bad hard disk, it just counts on only recovering the data from the hard disk. It is compatible with both FAT and NTFS file system. Not only the internal hard disk, this tool is capable to recover data from the external bad hard disk also. It has the capability to restore more than 300 different types of the files. Still, there are many features to explain about this tool, but importantly it guarantees to restore data from the bad hard disk. Users no need to think about the virus in order to install this tool, because it is 100 % free from the virus. To restore data from RAW Windows partition also, this tool serves as the best option.

Procedure to recover data from a bad hard disk

Step 1: Download and install the Bad Hard Disk Data Recovery software. A window will appear on the screen. Select “Recover Drives” option.

Recover Data from a Bad Hard Disk - Choose  Recover Drives

Figure 1: Select Recover Drives

Step 2: Another window appears displaying two options “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” and “Partition Recovery”. Select the “Partition Recovery” to restore data from the bad hard disk.

Recover Data from a Bad Hard Disk - Choose Partition Recovery

Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: Choose a drive i.e., the bad hard disk from where you have lost the data.

Recover Data from a Bad Hard Disk - Choose a bad hard Disk

Figure 3: Select Drive To Retrieve Data

Step 4: Scanning process starts and displays the entire recovered file from hard disk. Preview the recovered file using the “Preview” option and save it for further purpose.

Recover Data from a Bad Hard Disk - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 4: Preview Recovered Files

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