Restoring Data after Shift-Delete

  • The tremendous tool that retrieves all shift-deleted or permanently deleted files with ease
  • Scans the drive partitions and extracts all files from it
  • Files like images, audio, video and documents can be instantly regained
  • Runs on all versions of Windows operating systems without any hassle


Personal computers contain a lot of important data that a user cannot even think of losing. These files can be some important office documents, your recent vacation pictures, collection of the songs and videos, software programs, games and many more. Even after following all the precaution to save your precious data, you might end up losing it. There are many ways through which you might lose your crucial data, some of which are discussed below.


Different ways of deleting a file

  • Accidentally removing important files instead of deleting unwanted ones
  • Intentionally removing crucial data to free up the memory space; thinking that you have a backup
  • Deleting files and then emptying the recycle bin too (To get information on the recovery from Recycle Bin on Windows 7 OS, visit
  • Pressing Shift Delete key combination in place of just Delete option

The consequence of pressing Shift-Delete keys

When a file is deleted using just the Delete button, the file will be moved from its original location to the temporary folder provided by Windows Operating System known as Recycle Bin. The file then can be either restored from that folder to its original location or can be deleted permanently. But when Shift Delete key combination is pressed, the deleted file bypasses the Recycle Bin and the deletion becomes permanent. The file deleted through Shift-Delete is impossible to restore manually. Therefore, the need for a recovery tool grows in order to recover data after shift delete.

Choosing a reliable recovery tool is also very necessary to recover data after shift-delete as untrusted tools might make the situation worse. The tool might modify the deleted files or other files present on your computer system. This results in permanent overwriting of the data and there will not be any chances of the recovery using the software. You will then have to visit a hardware recovery center and spend a lot of money to know how to recover data after Shift-Delete. But money is not only the constraint that should be taken care of; when you send your hard drive to a recovery center, you also provide all the crucial and personal data in their hands. So, why to compromise your security and privacy when restoring data after shift-delete or any other data loss scenarios, can be performed on your own?

How Windows recovery software will help to recover data after pressing the Shift-Delete keys?

Windows recovery software is the best option when you are looking for software that can recover data after pressing Shift-Delete key combination. It has many unique features that help the user in restoring data after Shift Delete or to perform data recovery after shift delete option. Just download the free demo version of the tool and try it to recover data after Shift-Delete. The demo version also provides a Preview option that will help the user in evaluating the tool’s performance. If the user is satisfied with the recovery results then the full version can be purchased by clicking on the links provided. Once you buy the full version, the recovered data can be saved to any storage device accessible to the host operating system. Make sure the destination drive is not the same from which the recovery is being performed. The tool is compatible to retrieve data after shift-delete on all the Windows OS versions, including Windows 8. For details on the recovery process of deleted files on Windows 8, refer this page.

Steps to know how to recover data after Shift-Delete

Step 1 – From the main screen, select “Recover Files” option. Then select “Recover Deleted Files” option to recover data deleted with pressing Shift-Delete keys.

Recover Data after Shift Delete - Main Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2 – Now choose the drive from which the deletion occurred and click Next to proceed in order to retrieve data after shift-delete option.

Recover Data after Shift Delete - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3 – The tool will start the scanning process and will display the recovered files. Preview and save the files

Recover Data after Shift Delete - File Type View & Data View

Figure 3: File Type View & Data View

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