How to Recover Windows 10 Partition?

Partition is a division of hard drive space into one or more regions in order to maintain information stored in hard drive. You can easily isolate the operating system files and application files with the partitions. Partitions are used to store files separately in an organized manner. In spite of several advantages, yet partition get deleted due to several human errors. In such cases, user opt for tool to recover partition in a secure way.

Windows Recovery Software is an outstanding software to recover deleted partition from Windows 10 operating system. This application is compatible with all the latest operating system. You can recover files easily from the partition with use of this tool on your system. The software includes few steps to restore Windows 10 partition on any external or internal storage device. You can purchase Windows Recovery software online that defines how to recover Windows 10 partition in a reliable way.

Some of the reasons due to which partition get deleted from Windows 10 system

Unintentional Formatting: Format option clears the file table of any data storage device. Due to deletion of file table operating system unable to recognize the file stored in drive and finally results in data loss. In such situation, you can use this software torecover formatted hard drive on Windows system.

Accidental Deletion: While creating or merging partition using any third party tool, if user accidentally press delete button then the partition is removed permanently from the system. As a result of which huge amount of data is wiped out from the system.

File System Corruption: Due to virus attack on system file system gets corrupted and results in severe data loss. The file system of data storage device allocates the location of data in hard drive. The harmful viruses spreads over the hard drive and as a result it may lead to hard drive failure. As a result, system may not respond properly when you try to access the files from the drive. In such case, most of the users opt for system restore option. In such case, you can opt for Windows Recovery Software to recover lost files after system restore Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and other versions of Windows OS.

Improper Installation of Operating System: The improper installation of operating system sometimes results in deletion of partition from hard drive. In such cases, you can use this application to recover Windows partition with few mouse clicks. You can also recover data after repartitioning, for more details refer this link:

Above mentioned scenarios can be easily recovered through this application. It contains powerful user interface so that user can recover partition files with ease.

Features of Windows Recovery Software

  • This software can recover Windows 10 partition as well as recover Windows 7 partition, Windows 8, XP and Vista.
  • You can recover deleted or lost partition by following few effective and simple steps. The software can recover approximately 300 file types.
  • Demo version of Windows recovery software is available on website to recover partition in a perfect way.
  • Technical support executive for the tool is available to provide necessary guidance while recovering partition on Windows 10 system.
  • You are able to recover partition on Windows 10 system working on EXFAT, NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32 file system.
  • Capable of recovering files after Windows 10 upgrade from system hard drive within few mouse clicks.
  • This application can also recover files from external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, etc.

Steps for Formatted Partition Recovery:

Step 1: Download the demo version of the application, then install it on Windows 10 operating system. Launch application on your laptop or PC and then select "Recover Drives" button. Next is to select the "Formatted/Reformatted recovery" option.

Recover Windows 10 Partition - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Figure 1: Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 2: Select the particular partition from which you need to recover lost or deleted data and then wait for scanning process..

Restore Windows 10 Partition - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Partition or Drive

Step 3: After scanning process, you can easily recover deleted or lost data from drive partition.

Restore Windows 10 Partition - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

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