Recover Data from Formatted or Reformatted Windows Hard Drive

Windows hard drive formatting is common now days. Usually it is not preferable to format operating system hard disk as it leads to wiping off of the entire hard disk data. Inspite of that people practice formatting hard drive. Sometimes it becomes necessary to format hard disk due to corruption problem in hard disk which leads to it’s inaccessibility. So, for some or the other reason hard disk is formatted and many a times due to certain unexpected situations hard disk gets formatted and all the important files in it will be erased. This powerful application can easily rescue files deleted and emptied from recycle bin on Windows 7 machine with utmost ease.

This is certainly an unbearable situation because nobody ever wishes to lose their official files or multimedia files at any cost and in any situation. People usually think that once a hard disk is formatted it is not possible to get back any of the files that is lost from that hard drive. This is not at all true since it is a very easy and simple process to recover a formatted drive data. Windows recovery software makes it possible to perform formatted drive data recovery from any Windows hard drive which is formatted due to many known and unknown reasons. So it is a waste of time to worry about the files that are lost due to formatting. Instead by making use of Windows recovery software one can quickly and safely recover Windows pictures or any other file on a formatted hard drive.

Reasons for formatting a hard disk on Windows:

Important files or documents stored on hard disk can be lost due to formatting Windows hard drive. Let us see how a hard disk gets formatted and under what conditions Windows recovery software can be used

  • Master Boot Record Corruption - If MBR gets corrupted due to malware invasion then it leads to an inaccessible hard disk due to which the files in Windows hard drive also becomes inaccessible and will get erased off if hard disk is formatted to fix the problem. This might also make the partitions as RAW, to know the process of restoring data from RAW partition of your Windows OS, click here.
  • Accidental hard disk formatting - Due to human error hard disk gets formatted. While accessing hard disk files if one formats hard drive then all the files in drive will be erased. In such cases, you can use this software to recover deleted partition on Windows 10 system.
  • Hard disk corruption - A malicious adware or spyware may corrupt a hard disk due to which it becomes necessary to format that drive and thus data on Windows will be lost
  • Operating system corruption - A corrupted Windows operating system results in an inaccessible hard drive and thus one has to format the drive to reinstall the OS

Windows recovery software is a powerful Windows data recovery engine that can help you recover files that are lost due to formatting Windows hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. This tool is virus free and therefore it can be used to recover multimedia or other file types safely from hard disks of Windows 7, 8, 2002, 2003, Vista, XP etc. With the help of Windows recovery software it is possible to carry out Microsoft Windows 7 file recovery within minutes. Windows recovery software can be used to recover files lost from hard drives of popular brands namely Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk etc. By using Windows recovery software it is possible to restore Windows XP hard drive data deleted due to power fluctuations, using shift + delete key combination, exceeded recycle bin size etc. Now let us see how formatted drive data recovery can be carried out using Windows recovery software

Note: Make use of this award winning software to readily getback trashed and emptied recycle bin photos from Windows 7 and other versions like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc with utmost ease.

You can also use this reliable tool to restore the files which are missed or deleted from Windows 8 or any other Windows OS too.

Formatted Hard Drive data Recovery using Windows Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download and install Windows recovery software in your system. “Recover Partition / Drive” must be chosen from the main screen soon after launching the application. In the next screen “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option must be selected to recover files from formatted hard disk.

Formatted Drive Data Recovery - Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Figure 1: Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

Step 2: A particular drive from where the files recovery is expected must be chosen from a list of drives. This step will lead to the beginning of scanning process.

Formatted Drive Data Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: By clicking on “Preview” the files recovered from a formatted hard disk can be previewed soon after the completion of scanning process.

Formatted Drive Data Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Files

Step 4:You can buy this tool if you are satisfied with it’s performance and then by activating this recovery application you can save the recovered data.

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